Issue #304 Cover A (Andrea De Domenicis)

Issue #304 Cover B (Michal Suchanek)

Issue #303 Cover A (Pascal Blanche)

Issue #303 Cover B (Tim Molloy)

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Wieslaw Walkuski’s Haunting Poster Art

In Poland, artists like Wieslaw Walkuski do posters for movies and theatrical productions a little differently. Rather than the Drew Struzan-style descriptive image, which gives potential audiences a taste of actual scenes and characters, Polish posters are often thematic, with strong images that aren’t actually in the movie or play. The Polish poster tradition has […]

Moebius’ ‘Voyage d’Hermes,’ a Late (and Mysterious) Masterwork

French illustrator Jean “Moebius” Giraud is among the elite science fiction and fantasy artists of all time, and the 2010 “Les Voyages d’Hermès” project demonstrates that on a few levels. It’s a stunning work, telling a loose story about a voyage aboard a giant bird — the nine-image portfolio is as elegant a feast for […]

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